Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already have a Realtor I want to use?

Paragon Real Estate Resources can work with your Realtor, provided that he or she meets our qualification requirements and is willing to cooperate with Paragon’s program. If you already have a Realtor you would like to recommend, we can even add them to our network. But if you don’t have one, rest assured Paragon can supply a list of qualified real estate agents to you and then help you select the one that best meets your needs.

I am having trouble finding the right moving company, can Paragon help?

Paragon Real Estate Resources has existing relationships with many full service movers as well as years of experience managing them. Paragon continually evaluates and screens the movers we work with, year in and year out. We measure their performance so you don’t have to worry. Paragon can provide referrals and help with selecting the right mover for you. In addition we can coordinate the timing of your move, including: packing, loading, moving and unpacking your belongings. Let us guide you.

How can Paragon help me make badly needed repairs to my house?

Paragon understands how difficult it is to keep up with home repairs, especially in older homes. At times this can be overwhelming. In addition, finding the right contractor or even one you can trust is sometimes hard to do. The good news is that Paragon can make this easy for you. We can refer you to multiple, pre-screened service providers and let you pick the one you like the best. It doesn’t matter what kind of repair you need either, big or small, Paragon can refer you to a qualified professional ready to do the work.

Can I still earn cash back if I use my own mortgage company?

Yes. Paragon does not require you to use any particular mortgage company in order to earn cash back on the sale or purchase of a home. Our job is to make this easy for you.