Paragon Real Estate Resources Services

Selling your Current Home

If you’re moving and you’re ready to sell your current home, contact Paragon Real Estate Resources.  Paragon provides numerous services to make the sale of your home easier.  Services include: 1) Preparing the home for sale or home staging; 2) Coordinating any necessary home repairs or maintenance; 3) Referral to a qualified Realtor; 4) Prospective buyer mortgage prequalification; and 5) Homeowner warranty referral.

Buying a Home

If you’re planning to buy a home, you need an advocate at your side.  Paragon Real Estate Resources can help make buying a home a great experience.  Paragon’s services include: 1) Assistance in finding a qualified Realtor; 2) Mortgage pre-qualification; 3) Help finding a property inspector; 4) Closing assistance; 5) Referrals for any necessary home repairs; and 6) Home warranty referral.

Moving Services

Paragon Real Estate Resources provides all-inclusive moving services.  This includes: 1) Assistance with selecting a qualified mover;  2) Managing the process, including packing, loading, moving and unpacking your belongings; and,  3) Processing claims if applicable.  Throughout this and the entire process, Paragon will provide you with a single point of contact too. We’ll help you track what is happening, what has already happened and what is happening soon.  Don’t go it alone, Paragon is here to help.